Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wining Lottery Number

i love to take my chances on lottery tickets. Instead of casino gambling, i opted to take my chances at a lottery. I was able to check some online, and i came across this site that offers Wining lottery numbers. I said to myself Wining lottery numbers huh, let me check this out. So when i was checking it out, i was amazed that there are testimonials about them winning the first time. So i will try my luck on my lottery numbers, hope that i win.

Birthday Swimming

We celebrated my wife's birthday at laguna. We rented a private pool so that her relatives can also come. It was fun but also tiring, since i was able to play & gamble with her relatives, I was able to quit at around 2 am and they finished at around 3am. It was fun and i hope peachy feels the same way. Happy Birthday mommy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Compare Loudsiren & Lifelock

We all know that identity theft is in high occurrence at internet. Thus we need to secure our identity when we transact something especially online. There are many available security companies that offer great securities. Two of which are Loudsiren and Lifelock. But we must choose the best, thus we need to compare loudsiren and lifelock . What are the factors to consider when choosing? This is the question that lingers to our mind when we have to choose. For me the important factors are the following (my top 3):
1) Retail Price
2) Insurance
3) Company reputation
For me if the above factors are met, then that will be my victor.
So, let's start with retail price for loudsiren they offer only $99 per year, while lifelock is offering $110 per year. Let's check the insurance, for loud siren they offer $25,000 Identity Protection Insurance underwritten by AIG while for Lifelock they offer none and the last on my list is the company reputation, for loudsiren it was excellent since it is consumer direct partner of Debix, Inc., which was selected by several States as their sole ID theft solution, while for lifelock it was only good since it has a recognizable brand name, but has suffered some negative publicity. So for me i'll chosse loud siren to protect me from identity theft.