Friday, May 29, 2009

Go Yankees!

I just received a great news from my sister tonight. They already got the New York Yankees tickets that they reserved last month. It is so timely for their visit there by June in time for Father's Day. I wish i can watch a game of the Yankees too, my husband is a fan and he sees to it that he watches the game on TV. Anyway, speaking of Father's Day , i need to think for a gift for my dad and for my husband too. Any suggestions? I just gave my dad a cap from Lacoste for his birthday a few days ago and i really cant think of what to give him for now. A nice leather belt maybe? hmmm.. let me browse online for some good finds.

im still here

I was too lazy the past week . And the other week. And that explains the lack of personal updates in this blog. I am online, i chat with friends , but i dont feel like doing anything , except if i have a task to submit. Oh there's one thing Ive been busy with lately, party preps for the princess. Nothing major though, I just look online for possible supplies for the party. I am still undecided with a lot of party details so if you have some inputs, just let me know.

For the mean time, i think i need to look for some appetite suppressants , for myself. I've been eating like razy again, and i wasn't surprised at all that i gained a few pounds. I want to be back to 110 lbs , but i guess its close to impossible so i bargain for 115.. hahaha.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - Payak

Dahil sa kanya , lagi ko naiisip na ang buhay ay simple lamang, na minsan tayo lang mismo ang nagpapagulo o komplika nito. Ang aking anak.. sa kanya lahat ng bagay ay simple lamang.. simple ang buhay at masaya basta kasama ang pamilya.

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat!

Should i start investing?

The answer is yes.

I've been shopping like crazy since I had my little girl and i think now is the best time to invest some of my earnings with something worthwhile. A friend told me that i can start with buying gold coins from trusted companies like Monex. so i first checked out the site to see how everything goes and to read testimonials / reviews from their previous clients. Yes, i always do this whenever i consider jumping into anything. Now i am 50% convinced to buy gold coins and hopefully this invest can give me really good money in the future. This is a lot better than buying tons of clothes and shoes for my kids haha. Now i can tell my husband that i am saving for an investment, thats something new to his ears:)

She loves the camera

and the camera loves her..

I will show you in my posts to come why... i cant believe that at 6 months, she would recognize it and smile when someone would try to capture a picture of her. She is soo different with her Kuya who wont smile no matter how hard you try to convince him to. I guess girls are really more into picture taking than boys huh?! I am so lucky to have friends who are into phtography, i dont need to go to a studio , and yes, i am offering my princess to be their model for baby portraits haha (hello alpha, aggie, joy , kathy and thea )

Here's one from thea that i can share for now..

Snagged from Mommy Yen ..

1. Do you find you don’t have as much time on your hands as you used to?
+ yes.. i am soo busy every single day. who wouldnt be if you have an infant and a toddler?

2. Are you a “Clock Watcher”?
+ Yup

3. Do you think that Time Travel is actually possible?
+ im not sure if its possible

4. If your late, do you let people know you are running late?
+ I do. I usually send SMS or call them.

5. Do you spend more time on the Internet or away from it?
+ I've been spending a lot of time on it lately since its one way wherein i get connection with my family . I make sure that they see my kids almost everday through the webcam

6. Do you think that as you get older the days, weeks, months etc go by quicker?
+ yeah i agree with that.

Accessory Shopping

When I was still slimmer in figure ( yeah, i know, i still have my post pregnancy weight) i would usually dress up with a really nice plain colored top, denims and comfy flats. To spice up my outfit, i love wearing accessories. I prefer necklace over anything else. Second would be bracelets. It doesnt have to be expensive, I just want nice pieces in different colors. Lately, i tried wearing some costume jewelry rings because i receive one as a gift during my birthday. Wow.. i never thought it could add up some flair in my over all appearance. Its a good thing that i got 2 rings for my birthday and on weekend, i might check online for a little shopping for myself. Any suggestions on where i can find great pieces at good price? I heard Holsted Jewelers has a great collection and i'll give it a look after finishing some tasks.

The Young Scorpio

The Scorpio child is full of mystery and beauty. This child will demonstrate remarkable sensitivity to others, beginning with infancy. You will be amazed by the attachment you feel to this child! More than any other sign, Scorpio is capable of feeling and expressing need, the proverbial still water that runs deep.

The passionate nature of Scorpio is known the world over and this sign is well adapted to expressing intense emotion. Artists and writers are very often Scorpios, as are actors and musicians. The inner depth of this sign is unfathomable, and if you help Scorpio children sort through their powerful emotions you will find yourself in the presence of striking and compelling personalities who give much more than they receive.

The younger years are calm given Scorpio's reputation. In fact, Scorpio loves to be a child. This is because there is so much to absorb and learn about the world, and so much love to soak in from parents and family. Scorpio's need for love cannot be overestimated, and you would be wise to show your love through taking the young Scorpio to museums, plays, bookstores, parks, and anything else that will capture their interest. To give a Scorpio something to explore is to give them a lifetime of satisfaction.

Other children may not be as passionate as yours, and therefore your Scorpio child may relate more easily to adults who have already found their passion in life. These relationships may be of great value to them long-term, although strict boundaries must be observed so that they can retreat to their own peer group whenever they feel like "just being a kid" with no explanation necessary!

try it with your kids.. click here .

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am reposting these pics here. I already posted these at my other blog, but i just find the princess so adorable , i cant help but publish it here:) The first pic was when i placed her at her Kuya's booster chair. She didnt cry at all , i guess she's excited hahaha. I put on her bib and gave her Rice Cereal. She likes it and i didnt had a hard time feeding her. I hope this happens everyday.. Joaqui assisted me of course. He is one excited Kuya im telling you. Every morning, i would tell him, lets go down, Dominique will eat:) And in no time , he's at the door already .

Since my girl is overweight, I dont go all out in feeding her, its just to introduce solids to her .. baka super tumaba na kasi (di pa ba? LOL), she might end up trying those diet pills in the future.

bike for the boy

Last Monday , the dad went home a little early than the usual because he decided to drop by the mall , have dinner and buy me a gift. Who am i to say no? Hahaha. We had a good dinner at one of our fave resto , The Old Spaghetti House (the waiters know us already since we are regular customers LOL). After buying my gift, we went to Toys R Us because a trip to the mall wont be complete without seeing toys. Yeah,my lil boy is happy by just simply looking and trying it out. He didn't even ask us to buy anything.. ang bait (mana sa kin syempre).

The dad is the one whho is so eager to buy him the motorized vehicle for kids. A few models were on sale and the boy happily tested his driving skills. He had fun, but I can tell that he's really not into it. You know what he likes?? A BIKE. Yes , a Mickey Mouse Bike with those support at at the back wheel. .. whatever you call it. I find the price a little steep, so we will just get him one at a bicycle shop LOL .. now we are looking for some outdoor lighting so he can still play even at night when his dad is at home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - Nang Matapos

Nang matapos ang kanyang pagiging dalaga.. sya ay pumasok naman sa panibagong yugto ng kanyang buhay ...

Narito ang larawan ng aking kaibigan bago sya pumasok sa simbahan ng araw ng kanyang kasal. Sa bawat bagay na nagtatapos, may panibagong nagsisimula .. Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat!

Black and White

We badly need some wood flooring in our living room, so the husband asked me to look for some online sale to save on material costs. But instead of doing it, i first checked my favorite online shops. LOL. And i found some beautiful dresses for girls. Its in black and white, and i love it

I love the last pic the most. Its nice for semi formal occasions. Maybe i can have this made by the time my little girl is starting to walk. She's carried most of the time for now , so the style of the clothes wont be seen that much :) I better check some shoes to match the dress , then i can start with the hardwood flooring hunt.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its Bath time

Every night I see to it that my kids would wash up before going to bed. I want them to feel refreshed and relaxed after a tiring day of play. Has anyone tried The Johnson's Baby Bedtime set.. or even just the body wash ? Been seeing this in the market and i would really wanna give it a try

This product is said to have calming effects for babies and kids so it is perfect for bedtime. I guess its the lavender scent that is relaxing here. So yeah, i dont need a candle to set a relaxed atmosphere hahaha. I will post an update once i tried this product. Lets see if the scent will last long at Dominique's Hair .. hehehe

Sunday Stealing - the 2 for 1 meme

Sunday Stealing: The 2 for 1 Meme

1. What is on the walls of your room? - Wall lamp / lights

2. What type of music do you listen to? - R & B is my fave .. i also like trance / techno music

3. What do you want more than anything right now? - i guess il keep that as a secret for now

4. Do you get scared in the dark? - most of the time .. yes:)

5. What's you worst fear? - death of someone so close to me

6. If you could do anything right now, what would it be? - go to a spa and pamper myself

7. What’s the meaningful gift that you’ve received? - oh theres a lot already. The latest would be the bag the hubby gave me last christmas.

8. Do you have a crush? - nah

9. Who is your favorite celebrity? - SJP , George Clooney , and a lot more.

10. Could you fall in love with someone that you know must leave? - huh?? like leave me? i dont think so.

I am posting this in 2 parts because I am finishing some assignments about farmhouse sinks , need to finish that one first .. just watch out for the second part :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I love mommy!

Before i do some work at the laptop before bedtime ( like searching for term life insurance exam advice ), i usually take a few shots of the kids in their sleepwear. Last Saturday night was an extra special night since its the night before Mom's day and my Birthday. I planned what the kids will wear , Hahaha ! Here's the princess..

It was such a lovely night with her, she was so in the mood for picture taking. My little boy , on the other hand was in deep slumber during this time.

Can you imagine , it was 6 months ago when i gave birth to this girl..she's getting bigger everyday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where is the sun ??

Very princess-ish! Hahaha.. in her sunnies while someone is holding her bottle of milk! We are actually inside a hotel function room when the pic was taken , and i thought of trying it out for her to see how she'll look..

She's one fab lil girl! ( o, syempre anak ko yan! hahaha!)

We went to her pedia today since she has colds (so as Kuya , and Mom has asthma)..she weighs 9 kilos already at 6 months ( i bet she will need fatburners when she gets older) , and as the doctor said , she is still overweight. 9 kilos is ideal for girls 10 months of age. But nothing to worry though since most kids who reach 6 months usually decreases their weight gain because they tend to start being really active as compared to the 1st 6 months of their life. She moves a lot and she is startin to sit on her own already:) i will post a picture next time.

She's not starting with solids yet because of the colds. I want her to start solids when she's at her best condition. im excited to witness that !

Another car?

In a few weeks time, or should i say 2 more monthly amortizations.. we are finally done with our car! Whew! Finally, what a great relief! The car that we have now was the one we bought a few weeks after we got married. It is our first investment as a couple so it really has its value to us. Now my husband is thinking of getting a bigger car for our growing family ..and i strongly disagree since we are ok with our car. We have to prioritize things now that the kids are getting older. Maybe we can buy another car in a few year time, but definitely not this year. What we need to settle by June is the car's insurance. Would you believe that this early , a lot of auto insurance companies are calling me and they are sending their quotations to me through email. I just need to decide by next week what we will grab .

Monday, May 4, 2009


a week before my 30th and i am feeling blank. I've been working overtime lately because i have tons of online tasks to finish which are nearing due date. Arrggghh! i hate cramming but what can i do, i just squeeze in everything when i have free time from all the house chores. Anyway, i wish to have some me time later when hubby arrives. I just want to have a relaxing warm bath before going to bed.. and maybe a cup of hot chocolate while doing some window shopping online :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer is here..

From one of my faves.. Baby Gap

these are items comes from 0-3 mos to 18-24 mos.. however its not yet on sale..:( i have to wait a few more weeks or a month even to have it on sale.. sometimes fab items doesnt even go on sale.. good thing my mom and my sister also looks at the store for some possible great finds. I just love the quality of Gap clothes (even for boys) and the designs too. i like it best when they have great sale .. hahaha..