Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - Bulaklak

Pasensya na at ngayon na lang ako muli naka sali. Sadyang napakaraming gawaing bahay dahil wala kaming katulong.

Narito ang aking lahok ngayong Huwebes. Kuha ito nung kami ay nag swimming sa isang private resort sa Laguna. Ang ganda ganda , ang ganda ganda ng bulaklak. Ang bango bango, ang bango bango ng bulaklak :)

may isa pa kong lahok dito . salamat! Maligayang huwebes!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On vacation mode

Not me but my sister, and so I envy her. Her next destination is Mexico , so she is really unfamiliar with the place. She spent her free time researching more about the place and their culture, and of course, she's looking for the perfect place to spend her vacation. She was able to see some all inclusive mexico packages, and she just needs to decide which exact beach resort would she prefer. She wants a secluded white sand beach like the El Dorado Seaside Suites. Food is also a major factor for her everytime she will go on a break, and so far, she's reading great feedbacks about the resorts restaurant. I feel excited for her too because I have seen at the internet that beach resorts at Mexico are really wonderful. Hopefully, if time permits, I can visit there too with my family.

Saturday 9 - Letting the Sparks Fly

Saturday 9: Letting the Sparks Fly

1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? - Before, I love doing my own accessories, so I need to hit my working table for that.

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal? - maybe if i'll slip in front of many people

3. What values did your parents instill in you? - love for God and love for my family.

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well? - There was a time that Dr. Martens shoes became a hit in our school. I wont forget that time ever!

5. What is your favorite breakfast? - hashbrowns!!!

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received? - a nice pair of shoes

7. What gadget could you not live without? - my laptop.

8. Do you collect anything? make up, shoes, bags

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit? - yahoo mail


I am so much into charms right now. I recently got myself a necklace with a few charms and Im looking for a bracelet that would perfectly match it. Since I am the one buying it for myself, I am considering the price of the jewelry. But of course it needs to be stylish and of good quality. My online shopping buddy suggested to me Holsted Jewelry, an online shop where I can find the best in designer costume jewelry .And she's so right ! I spent an hour or so looking at all those fab pieces at incredible prices. Even until now, I am so undecided on what to buy. They have a sale section where some items are 70%off! WOW! That got me really excited, so I even searched for some jewelry sets. Look!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey baby!

~ dominique at 3 months and 1 week ~

Its Friday

.. and Im one happy mom again. Im happy because its weekend and i get to spend time not just with my kids but with my husband too. Tomorrow morning, my son will go to his saturday class and after that we are scheduled to visit his pediatrician for a follow up checkup. We might also pay the downpayment for his 3rd birthday party , its a simple one and we have decided to spend it with other kids at the orphanage. Then come Sunday, we are going to look for some patio furniture after hearing Mass in the morning. I always anticipate a tiring weekend, but its okay as long as I spend it with my family.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday 5

1. What types of blogs do you usually read?
:: blog of my friends
2. What kinds of products do you usually buy when you shop online?
:: yay! hmm a lot as long as its on sale. But its mostly toys and clothes for my kids.
3. What kinds of online videos do you usually spend time watching?
:: those funny ones, but its so seldom
4. Besides Friday 5, what weekly memes do you particularly enjoy?
:: Saturday 9
5. Where do you like to go for streaming online music?
:: i just play what's in my laptop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Improvement

Having no househelp for days now made me look at every aspect of the house. I first checked at the playroom of the kids. Grabbed a few container boxes at the mall so I can segregate the toys. My next stop was at the bathroom area. I've been wanting to get new laundry baskets, and I am so lucky to find what I am looking for. The basket is made from handmade native material with a lining to make sure that everything is tidy at its place. These baskets can also be used not just for the laundry but for de cluttering any other parts of the house. At first I really can't decide if I'll get the round or the squared one , but after some time, I have decided to get these two shapes since we have 2 bathrooms in the house.

As we were doing our walk around the home section at the mall,at the lamp shades section, my attention was caught by this lovely black dupion drum shade with gold lining. Its perfect for the color of our room and it would duit best at our bedside table. I love reading at night, so I find lampshades really useful for me. And besides , when you have a newborn in the house, the lampshade is a quick light when you need to grab something.

Lastly, I bought a log basket that I plan to decorate at our living room . We still dont have a fireplace, but this log basket can hold pieces of decors that can add life to our very simple living room. So you might think I spent a fortune on these items. No, they all come at very affordable prices, plus with the quality of these items, truly, its a steal. I still plan to go to the mall and grab a few storage baskets, our house certainly needs de cluttering. In no time, my little girl will have a play world of her own, and new toys will surely be pouring in.

Baby Alive

I am not getting one yet for my princess, but I know that some of you out there are interested with Baby Alive. Look what I found at Amazon.. ( I was supposed to search about weekend getaways for our family, but I decided to check Amazon first )

The Baby Alive Hispanic Baby Go Bye Bye at $ 13.97 ! its eligible for a free shipping on orders over $25. It also has a feeding bottle included. Isn't it a cutie?! And for that price!!! Whoa! Now Im thinking of getting one for my girl LOL!!!! But yeah, I need to save money for our family getaway that Im planning for May, just in time for my birthday. But you see, few bucks won't hurt the budget :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

She did it!

Just this morning, her attempt was really successful. She's been trying it for many times, i guess being a little overweight made it hard for her. But still, look at my princess, at 3 months and 2 weeks.

* nakaipit pa kamay nya dito*

* finally, ok na ok na sya *

how time really flies. She's so big now, still a little overweight at 7.5 kilos :)

Good Food

Two weeks ago, I visited my favorite bookstore and spent time looking for recipe books. I got really interested with the titles , I even browsed foods of different places. One thing that interest me the most are the great food being served at Denver Restaurants . People who visited Denver can attest to this information. Most tourists won't let a day pass trying out different cuisines being offered by the restaurants. Hopefully I can visit Denver soon, so I wont just feast my eyes with the pictures at the books. I would love to try out different variations from these restaurants, may it be American, Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean. Next time I'll visit the bookstore, I will check for more nice restaurants all over.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

At the New York Times

Have you seen Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! I almost missed it since I was busy at the house for 2 weeks now, and it was my mom who called me about this news. You see, I gave her eyeglasses from Zenni last Christmas, and she really love the design and the materials used. She even recommended it to her officemates. Imagine, getting a quality Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! Who wouldn't grab that offer ?! Since then, she would tell me whenever Zenni Optical is on news. I wouldn't be surprised if she will be interviewed soon. Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank is the best way to describe their affordability.

Twilo Again

I posted the 2 dresses long ago at my other site, and here's her 3rd dress from Twilo.

It was his Dad's choice ( ok, mine too). I promised that I will only buy 1 every visit hahahaha. They really have a great collection for girls (and boys too) , that's why its so hard to choose just 1 !

* Twilo is located at the Midtown Wing of Robinson's place Manila. They are also available at selected SM and Robinsons Department Stores.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gift ideas for men

It's Valentines Day today, and I haven't gotten my husband a gift yet. I dont know with you, but personally, I have a hard time looking for gifts for men. Last Christmas, it took me days to look online for my dad's gift. I usually give him an aftershave , since i know this is very useful for him. But as for my husband, now that it's valentines day, I want to give him something a little special. I am thinking of giving him an ipod . It is something within my budget now, plus this is one thing I know he will enjoy because he likes music. He can carry this along anytime , anywhere. But im not fixed on this one yet. Im still searching online for some possible gifts - a nice polo, new wallet or money clip, card holders, etc. I never thought I can see a lot of items in one click and even get most of it in lesser value. Now I can even order something online for my dad too. Any other gift ideas that you can share? My dad is not into gadgets, so maybe I'll get him something simpler, like a coin purse or socks set ? Whatever it is, I know that they will both appreciate my gifts. I'll order now so I can have it delivered soon.

Saturday 9 - Be my Valentine

Saturday 9: Be My Valentine

1. Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? - none. Our little boy is sick so we will visit the pedia. We will set up a plan some other time

2. Do you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special? - Nope. Sorry but Im not a big follower of V day

3. What, so far, was the happiest event of your life? - the day I got married. It was the start of everything great in my life.

4. What is the best job that you ever have had? - being a mother

5. What would be your fantasy job? - I wanna be a model :)

6. What would you think would be the worst job? - not having one at all is the worst.

7. What foreign countries have you visited? - HK

8. What foreign country would be your fantasy trip? - France

9. Since leaving your home growing up, how many places have you lived?- just this one where I reside now

weight loss

It's been 3 months after I gave birth, and even until now, I can say that I haven't loss much weight. My appetite became high post pregnancy, it seems that until now, Im still eating for two. I got alarmed when last week, I was trying to fit in my old dress, and yet I look fat. Exercising kept me busy during mornings. I really need to shed off some pounds. Aside from that, a little cut down on sweets would make my diet better. I think its one of the culprits why I still look big. Eating healthy foods is what Im into now. If things will turn out slow , I might start on clinicallix , a diet pill that can aid me in losing weight. Its proven to be effective and safe by a lot of people who already tried it. It comes in a biggie size of 300 capsules, and that can really save me a lot of money. I can't wait to start in this weight loss program of mine, my first goal is just 10 lbs and i know that its an easy thing to achieve.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Debt Help

Do you know someone who is currently swamped with debt? Well, I have a friend who is currently in that state and I was talking to her this afternoon. She got hooked with shopping since last year, and now, she is so problematic on how she would deal with everything. She just wants to clear up all her debts and start a new life. So i informed her that she can try debt consolidation. Many companies offers this service and they provide free debt help , to make you stay out of debt forever. So how do you start? You can check out their site on how you can turn your debt into wealth. It usually starts with a credit counselling and background check. The process of debt consolidation then kicks in. They will combine all your debts into one, so you only have to pay for one interest rate. This procedure creted positive results from most of their clients, and a lot are now debt free because of them. If you need a help with debt , just like my friend, you can start changing your life by calling them for consultation, or check out the website and read more on how they can help you manage your credit.

ON Sale

It's Kids and baby Sale at Old Navy, and my shopping cart is a bit filled with some little stuff for the kids. They have a great collection now, not like the previous months that they are selling mostly winter clothes. Use BABYMAT coupon code for free shipping every $50 up. Check out Old Navy today and enjoy shopping!

Debt - free

Having 2 kids now is really a challenge with our finances. Of course, aside from the maternity fees that we incurred, we also need to allocate our money for our daily expenses such as food, bills etc. Add to that the vaccination of the kids with their pediatrician that can cost an arm and a leg already. Whew! I am just thankful that we always get by with God's help. Being debt-free gives someone a feeling of security, and life of less worries. Who wouldn't want to be out of debt right? One step that we are currently taking to avoid big debts is to minimize credit card purchases. We find it as an imaginary money everytime we use it. Its better to just pay with cash- just the right amount of money that you currently have.

I've been reading a lot of money saving tips and articles over the internet and even with some books, and I find it helpful during these budgeting times. I learn to just spend within my limits, and save some for emergency purposes. When it comes to our household bills, we also do our best to save, like with electricity, water , telephone etc.Any other suggestions to help lower my bills ? I am seeing its fruits now, and Im just glad that we have extra savings for a few months already.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Snapshots - my everything.

My Family. My love, my life , my everything .

More Snapshots here .

The Weekend

Nothing really special for this weekend. Saturday, we went at my son's playgroup in the morning and spent the afternoon resting at home. We are still adjusting with our life now, having no help at all with the house chores is really tiring, but we are somehow getting used to it . I am taking it as something positive, we learn independence from this situation. Yesterday, Sunday , we went to a kiddie party during the afternoon. It was just Gelo and me with the 2 kids, and yes, we survived! My son is learning independence too , and that's one thing Im happy with.

Now, im just making the most out of my free time. I need to finish looking for steel buildings , then I am off to bed again. Be back later.

Sunday Stealing - Get to know your friends

1. What is your occupation right now? - im a stay-at-home mom

2. What color are your socks right now? - not wearing one

3. What are you listening to right now? - just the sound of the A/C , the kids are sleeping, i cant play music

4. Last person you spoke to on the phone. - an insurance agent, I was given an insurance quote already

5. How old are you today? - 29 y/o

6. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? - im not into sports, but i enjoy watching billiards

7. What is your favorite drink? - water and watermelon shake

8. Have you ever dyed your hair? - a few times

9. Favorite food? - Filipino and italian dishes

10. What is the last movie you watched? - Twilight

11. Favorite day of the year? - birthday of my kids

12. How do you vent anger? - I need to talk to the person im angry with

13. What was your favorite toy as a child? - barbie dolls

14. Living arrangements? - with my family

15. What was the last thing that you cried about? - i think during the holidays

16. Who is the friend you have had the longest? - my friends since grade school

17. What did you do last night? - developed pictures online

18. What are you most afraid of? - death of someone close to me .

19. In how many areas of your country have you lived? - only one

20. What is your favorite flower? - Tulips

Friday, February 6, 2009

RL crazy

I want these for the princess.. The All over Pony Polo Shirt / Dress

These are perfect for her shoes .

Its on sale, but my shopping budget is kinda low. So I will just wish my sister will see this post and go online to grab it (size 9M will be perfect , oh and they have The All Over in gold Pony too). I think its been a month since I last shopped online for Dominique's clothes. Woohoo!! *throws confetti*

Where to get books?

It's Febuary, and in my part of the world, school will be over in 2 months. I remember when I was in college , this is one of the busiest months because we need to finish and submit our reports, term papers etc. We even have our overnight session just to finish everything on time. One time, i remember that we even need to buy a textbook for reference. Its not available at the school library so we have no choice but to get one at the cheapest price possible. You know how books are priced nowadays, it can really eat up a students savings. So we looked almost every store to get Cheap Textbooks for our report reference. Did you know that we were able to score most of it online, and everything was in good condition. There is a search engine online of the cheapest textbooks you can ever find. All you need are the details - title , author and a few keywords, and you are set to buy the cheapest one. Because of the best price that they offer, even until now, I recommend this site to my cousins who are still studying. Finding a book won't be a problem anymore. Im just glad Im finish with schooling, no more reports and deadlines.


It's definitely not me, since I am married already. It's actually my dear friend since college days who got engaged recently to his long time girlfriend. My husband and I are so happy to be a part of his engagement plan. Our friend asked us for some assistance in finding a perfect romantic restaurant with such a good ambiance. It was a bit difficult at first, but finally, after days of searching, we reserved a roofdeck near the metro. What was really hard for us was looking for a ring supplier. Quality and appearance matters a lot so we searched everywhere for the perfect princess cut Diamond Engagement Rings . It has to be of style and elegance, and let me tell you that it wasn't easy to find the right one at all. We found a really nice one online at such a steal price, its so beautiful , i want to have one for myself. All our efforts paid off , her girlfriend loved the ring , and she is so proud that she really flaunted it to everybody during our reunion last week. I can never be happier for my friend. Now, they are into wedding preparations already, and this is the phase that I know, they will both enjoy.

Because I crave

You Are Buttermilk Pancakes

Your prefer traditional, old fashioned foods.

You shy away from anything fake, and you like meals with simple ingredients.

It's not likely someone would find margarine or diet soda in your kitchen.

Instead, someone might find a loaf of homemade bread baking or a soup simmering.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

discounts and more

Been receiving a lot of emails lately from my favorite online shops, and most are offering great discounts just in time for the Valentines Day. Such a temptation in my eyes, I would open the mail and i'll find myself being redirected at their site. My eyes would feast at the great items on sale, but then I had to control myself from shopping. The kids has a lot of clothes and shoes already. I have enough shoes and bags too, and yeah , even make up. So there's no reason for me to shop this month. Yeah, right! LOL Let's see if I can keep my words! The only thing I was able to grab last week from home sale is the Danze faucet thats just perfect for our bathroom. See, im quite improving huh.

Totally Free Credit Report

Until now, I still dont have a credit card of my own. I dont even own a supplementary card from my husband's account. I guess you know the reason why. I am such a spender. I dont even dare to get one for myself because I am afraid to have debts that I cant even pay. And since I have no daily job to finance a credit card, I am contented "borrowing" my husbands card, then I just pay him before the duedate. That way, I am debt free and still I can buy a few things I like.

In return, I am helping him maintain a good record in paying bills, plus I make it a point that his card is secured. This is why I am planing to get the totally free credit report that I saw online. They have a free trial session so one can experience their services. I need to know more about free credit score, so I am reading the articles at their website. This service gives your card a protection from identity theft, something which is getting common nowadays. You will receive credit reports from 3 credit bureaus and you will be informed if there are changes in your credit files, records , and some internet data. They will also provide you access to your data so you can monitor it daily and see your running credit score . Add to that the most valuable tools for identity theft protection. I need to tell my husband about this offer. Its for free, and maybe after testing their services, we might continue signing up with them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - tsokolate

Narito ang cake ng aking anak nung sya ay bininyagan. ito ay kombinasyon ng kulay tsokolate at pink. Ang mismong cake ay tsokolate ang lasa, sadyang napakasarap.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WW - relax

More WW here.

Knobs and more

I stopped shopping for baby clothes, because my kids has enough already. It's more than enough I should say. Instead , I am hooked looking for home stuff, just about anything for the home. From storage boxes to kitchen tools, and lately, im also into hardware materials. I am looking for a heavy duty Flashlight, some locks and even industrial knobs . I recently broke ours, and it badly needs replacement now. Obviously what we had before is not of good quality, so now I am getting a sturdy one even if it would cost me a little more.