Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye Accountant

Next month , a dear friend of mine will go to the USA because she just grabbed a wonderful job there as an accountant. She got hired at a Las Vegas Accounting Firm and will soon be starting to work. I remember my sister who is also an accountant who currently works at a bank in CA. I told my friend that if there will be any vacancy in their company, she can give my sister a call so she can also try her luck there. My sister wants to try working in a firm since she has been with the bank for 4 years already. We will meet my friend next week for her send off party and I am having mixed emotions. I feel happy for her success in life , but I also feel sad because I will surely miss her. She has been working really hard eversince she graduated college ,a nd she truly deserves what she has now.


My dream wedding

During our vacation, we were able to see the Ocean Pavillion of the hotel , and I instantly fell in love with it. I was there for like 15 minutes, looking all over the place that is full of glass overlooking the beach. Such a serene place and I keep on imagining myself there , renewing wedding vows with my husband. Four years ago, if only we have the budget , then I would have chosen those that I see in destination weddings. I love weddings by the beach because i really find it romantic . I imagine those pictures that I saw at the site of Karisma Hotels where the beach is so tranquil , then there's white flowers at the ceremony venue..the beach , the sun and sand highlights it all. Maybe i should stop shopping now so I can start saving so I can afford a destination wedding.

Beauty and more

I love make ups and I just can't live without them. I am fortunate that my friends are so much inot it too so we shop together online especially if there's sale. I always try experimenting with my make up , from simple casual to something a little dramatic if there's an occasion. With this, my friend suggested that I take up cosmetology to further enjoy what I like to do best. Iam seriously thinking about it too, but I have to consider my schedule here at home. Having two kids really eats up my time so I am not sure if i can still squeeze up that class. But I feel excited just by thinking of it. I searched online and saw something like the beauty school indianapolis from Regency Schools. Its a fst growing beauty school that expanded its campus all over nine states. I am keeping this in my shortlist by the time I am free to enroll in Cosmetology.


I AM… sleepy
I WANT…to drink coffee
I HAVE… learned a lot about life
I WISH… i can buy myself a new bag
I HATE... people who dont value friendship
I FEAR… losing somebody I love
I SEARCH… online for places to go to for our vacation
I WONDER… how can I earn more money? hehehe
I REGRET… some things in life
I LOVE…my family and friends so much!
I ALWAYS… take care of my kids ! As in
I AM NOT… who you think i am..
I DANCE... like crazy.. before
I SING... at the videoke!! And I am good im telling you LOL
I CRY… whenever I miss my family
I WRITE… about my schedule .. as if!

Energy Supplements

Lately , I have been soo busy around the house , that I wasn't able to update this blog anymore. I became dependent on coffee and i thought of giving it a break for this week. But i wonder how will I have those energy I need to survive the day ? My friend suggested that I try these Acai Berry Energy Supplements . It is an all natural product that has became popular because of it's effectivity. I am a bit hesistant at first to give it a try because I'm afraid that it might not taste really good. I have this thinking that natural stuff tastes blank. But my freidn said that i should give it a try first for me to find out. So later, I will order online and hopefully , i will receive it any time this week. I am still browsing their site and they have a lot of natural products available. Hmm , I wonder what will I get for my husband.

Monday, July 27, 2009


She woke up at the wrong side of her car seat LOL! All throughout the party that afternoon, she was suplada to my relatives. Not her usual self .. bawi na lang next time :)