Monday, July 27, 2009


She woke up at the wrong side of her car seat LOL! All throughout the party that afternoon, she was suplada to my relatives. Not her usual self .. bawi na lang next time :)

Electric Airsoft Gun

AEG Airsoft Gun

If you are into Airsoft Guns , then you might probably considered getting an Electric Gun . My husband told me that some of his friends are using this already , but since he is not yet aware on how to use it and it's purpose, he just played his. Since I am giving him some information on every airsoft gun that he wishes to know more. I guess it is really a part of this hobby that you get yourself acquainted with guns , its accessories, purposes , good side and down side. I never thought that there's a lot of airsoft guns in the market. I am happy though that my husband is contented with what he has now. I hope thiings won't change as of the moment. Anyway, here's the information i got online. Hope this will help you.

Electric Airsoft for Airsoft Electric Guns Needs

Although there are plenty of great reasons to purchase an electric airsoft gun, you need to be careful about doing your research ahead of time. Like any purchase, the less you know before spending the money the greater the risk of experiencing buyer's remorse. And there's no good reason to mar your enjoyment of the electric airsoft equipment by not spending a little time doing at least some background research on what's available. So before you decide to spend a dime, here are some tips that can help you make a smart airsoft electric guns purchase.

Know the Purpose for the Air Soft Electric Gun

First, you have to understand why you want the gun in the first place. There are plenty of good reasons to choose one but you need to know the primary purpose for yours because different styles of weapons are going to be better for different uses. For example, if you are going to be shooting at your friends on a course you'll probably want something faster than a manual spring pistol just wouldn't be the best choice. You're not going to be competitive when you have that delay between your shots.

When you think about how you are going to be using the gun first, you'll have some guidance in which models to search for. If nothing else, you'll have some way of getting across to a seller or customer service representative what you're wanting from the gun airsoft product you plan to purchase. Of course, if you plan to use it for lots of reasons, your best choice is the electric model known as an AEG.

Consider the Electric Airsoft Gun Speed

Don't buy one of these electric airsoft guns unless you know the speed it can shoot in feet. Without this knowledge, you could end up purchasing an item that won't deliver the results you want. For example, if you're looking for a machine gun unit you'll definitely want to looking into the Airsoft electric guns line because these are capable of shooting between 300 and 400 feet per second. Keep in mind that those numbers also indicate the safe firing distance between you and other people.

Think about the Cold and Effects on the Airsoft Electric Gun

While this may sound a little ridiculous, the truth is the weather can have a big impact on you choice of airsoft weapons. If you're playing in a very cold location and you've chosen a gas powered rifle, for example, you could be in for a big surprise when it doesn't work. That's because most of the gas powered guns won't work in very cold conditions. Spring loaded might be a better option if you're just wanting to do some target practice outdoors. However, if you're looking forward to running the course with some friends in zero degree temperatures while snow is still on the ground you're going to want an Airsoft electric guns. They don't freeze up but they do provide rapid firing action. All of that makes a great reason to invest in Electric Airsoft.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Options express

Have you heard about options trading lately? Well, I am thinking of some kind of investment for this year, and a friend recommended this one. You know that these days, bank savings are not enough, one should place his money on something that has higher interest than usual. So I checked out PowerOptions and read more about the options express . They have online tools to help you monitor the progress of your investment. And they even have a toll-free customer support for your inquiries and feedback. Now , you might ask when is the right time to invest on this? My answer would be now is the best time. Make the most out of the money you have now than spending it on senseless shopping.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - nakaka kilabot

Narito ang isang sisiw na ialng araw pa lang nabubuhay. Ewan ko ba ngunit kinikilabutan ako sa itsura nya dahil ang payat pa at kakaunti ang balahibo .

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat !

Can i borrow?

I am up for something BIG between my kids. I bet they will be like cats and dogs when it comes to toys and stuff. The pics above were taken during our weekend at Bellevue. They both love playing with their dad's cellphone and they are "fighting " for it LOL . It happened many times, not just with this but with the PSP , laptop , camera , LeapPad , LMAX (yeah they are both into gadgets) ... I will definitely be needing the best wrinkle cream when i hit 40 ! I think this is really normal , they both want the same thing at the same time . and when you try giving the other a different one, then the other would want that too. I hope this would be lessen when Dominique is into dolls already .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Low Batt ?

Then you need a charger of course ! It actually didn't came to my mind that Airsoft guns would need accessories. Well , it's a guy's thing so I have no idea with that. I joined my husband with his game last weekend, and he asked me to give it a try. I can say that I had fun and I'm looking forward to next weekend. But before that next game, I need to buy a few accessories, for face and eye protection. I have read that one needs a complete safety gear before playing , to be on the safe side of course. I might get it online if I can find one really affordable and durable of course.

Here's what I have known about Airsoft Accessories , its a big help for starters like me.

Battery Charger Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Accessories for Airsoft Guns, Rifles and Pistols

If you want to make the most of your Airsoft guns, you're going to need to acquire some useful Airsoft Accessories. Most of these additional supplies will either help you have more fun or will ensure your safety. Both are, of course, important whether you're a beginner user or a more experienced user. Below are some of the top soft air accessories you might want to consider adding to your arsenal.

Airsoft Goggles and Masks

One of the most important soft air accessories you can purchase is face and eye protection. Even though these guns are not anywhere near as dangerous as real pistols and rifles, the "ammo" is going to be shot out of the gun at a tremendous rate of speed. If you in the trajectory of that ammo, you could get seriously injured. If a BB hits you in the eye, for example, you could be blinded thanks to the full force of that air pushing it out of the barrel. By always wearing these airsoft guns accessories you can protect yourself from pain and serious injury.

Extra Air Soft Ammunition

What is one of the worst things that could happen to you while you're having a great time shooting off your BB guns? What if you're in the middle of a game with your Airsoft Rifle Accessories pointed out a competitor ready to fire the winning shot and you realize you're out of ammunition? That would definitely make you less than thrilled but would also give your competitors a great story to tell. And since you don't want to be the guy in that story you should always come prepared with extra ammo. The best idea is to keep your gun loaded and bring along a healthy supply of extra bbs, too. You may not need them today but you might tomorrow.

Pop Up Targets for Your Airsoft Guns Practice

One of the best parts of having your own Airsoft gun is that you can use it to improve your aim. However, that's going to require having something to shoot at. One of the most useful of the Airsoft accessories, therefore, is going to be pop up targets. You have the flexibility to set these at any distance you desire so you can keep improving your aim over time. They are convenient choices because you can place them anywhere you want which is good if you want to work on your aim. Plus you can move the targets back further as you keep improving your shooting ability.

Durable Air Soft Guns Carrying Case

Another good idea for Airsoft accessories is a carrying case. This makes it convenient for you to take your equipment, including targets and extra ammunition with you. That means if you want to visit your friends and do a little fun shooting you can easily have everything you need with you and don't have to worry about losing or forgetting anything that is important. The carrying case is also a great way to take your charger along with you.

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Eat healthy

You might have noticed lately that I am working hard to shed a few pounds. Even though it really doesn't show yet in my figure, I am proud to say that I am doing my best to eat healthy and stay away from junk food. I stopped buying from the grocery , coz when you stock up at home, you usually eat that when you feel tired or hungry . So that gotta stop ! A friend of mine suggested some weight loss supplements that work , but i am seriously contemplating on trying it out because we are off to the beach in 3 weeks and who would want to walk around there with a bulge in your tummy (yet you are not pregnant) . Oh well, it takes discipline and hardwork i guess.

Here's what i love to eat lately when we are at the mall. It's cholesterol and fat free , plus it has fresh fruits so that adds a little something :)

My Froyo with Peaches , blueberries and cheese ( yum!)

Tired and Sleepy

Did you sleep alone last night?
:: me?? Nope ! I have 2 kids and my husband with me

What were you doing at 8 this morning?
:: still sleeping because Dominique woke up in the middle of the night . I slept at 4:30 am !

Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
:: yeah , my kids

Who was the last person you spoke on the phone with for over 20 mins?
:: its not really more than 20 mins , but i talked to Kathy last Saturday when I saw our crush at the mall. And i was talking while walking inside the mall asking for an orange flavored toothpaste LOL

When is your birthday?
:: may 10

How are you feeling?
:: happy but tired

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?
:: shorts

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - Tuyo (dry)

Ang daang ito , sa tabi ng isang swimming pool ay nanatiling tuyo dahil sa tindi ng sikat ng araw.

Magandang Huwebes mga ka LP !

Get glam for less

With less than $50 each, one can achieve that glam look of jewelries. I love accessories but I can't spend that much on them so I always use my alternatives to still look great even if I'm on a budget. Look at these lovely pieces that I found at Holsted Jewelers, who would even say that it's on sale?

With its price, one can still expect excellent quality of every jewelry . I can tell that my little girl can still use this when she gets older. With its classic and elegant designs, it is surely a great piece. Search through all of their items and I bet, you will end up buying a few pieces too, just like me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toys for the Big Boys

After posting toys for the kids, let me share with you the latest toy of my husband.

Pistol Airsoft Spring

He tried out this new hobby a few weeks ago , and I can tell from the first day that he really had a great time. He got this new Airsoft Pistol after a few days and i saw him reading about this online. I am thankful though that there are websites which helps a newbie like him. These are a few that I have seen that he bookmarked. I am sharing this so you may have idea just in case your husband's will also be in this hobby.

Best Airsoft Pistols and Pistol Air Soft

Entering the airsoft gun hobby can be rewarding but is not always easy because of the variety of options you can choose from. Not only do you have to worry about choosing airsoft rifles that are well manufactured but you also need to consider which specific types of guns you want to work with. Maybe you already know whether you want airsoft pistols or machine guns but learning a bit more about your choices will ensure that you choose the best airsoft guns for your needs and your experience level.

Airsoft Pistol, Shotguns & Handguns

With airsoftguns, you'll also find some other options. Handguns, such as airsoft pistols, are frequently purchased by beginners because they are a good choice for learning how to properly and accurately handle and fire one of these weapons. They can also be good sidearm weapons meaning they can serve as a backup if you're playing a match and run out of ammunition. Most of the shot guns are not going to be used in matches but there are some that are capable of firing off multiple rounds quickly but overall these would be better choices for target practice. Most airsoft enthusiasts would suggest pistols over both shotguns and revolvers that rarely perform as well.

Air Soft Rifle Options

Two types of rifles are commonly available in the airsoft arena. Assault rifles are one choice. These are one of the most popular types of guns in the airsoft family, possibly because people love the idea of shooting off an M-16. These weapons are capable of doing auto fire that makes it an ideal choice for a few airsoft matches. Another option is a sniper rifle. These can be great choices if you're already part of a team and that team wants a competitive advantage. Not everyone enjoys using a sniper rifle but it can make a great secondary choice.

Air soft Pistol, Carbines and SMGs

The carbine is an interest choice because it's basically just a smaller version of standard airsoft rifles, except that it uses the same ammunition as a submachine gun (SMG). Among airsoft players, the SMGs seem to have some advantages. They may not pack the biggest payload or the most power but they can be great choices because they are easy to handle and don't hamper your movements the way larger automatic weapons, such as the machine gun, might.

Deciding on the Right Weapon

Despite all of the pros and cons, the only person who can really determine the best airsoft guns is you. And that decision should be based on many factors, including your experience level and your intended purpose with the weapon. In some cases, the type of weapon may not matter as much as whether or not you're choosing an automatic or semi-automatic variety. At the end of the day, you have to make the decision about the best airsoft guns for your needs and that requires some research and careful consideration. After all, you don't want to go home with airsoft pistols only to find out you'd have been better off with an M-16.

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With this article, I understand him better, and I support him in this hobby , yes, including shopping for all the things that he needs.

Leapster 2 for the princess

I know ! I know ! It's too early for her to have this Special Edition Leapster 2 ($59.99 at but im posting this for my mommy friends who might want to consider this gadget for their princesses. My boy currently has the Leapster LMAX , and he enjoys it so much, especially when I plug it at the TV.

This is soo girly, i just hope its still avail by the time my princess is ready for some Leapster Action.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

eyeglasses , anyone?

Anyone here looking for eyeglasses? Let me share this to everyone , the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses . I am looking for the perfect gift for my mom for her birthday , and I thought of eyeglasses because she lost hers recently. She knows I am on a budget now , she she's really not asking for something expensive. Lucky me, i found about Zenni Optical on TV!!! They have a lot of new designs now which is also perfect for Back to School Savings . High Five to Zenni Optical for wonderful eyeglasses at a great price .


Today, a friend of mine called to inform me that she has finally decided to transfer to a place nearer to her work. She updated me with a change in telephone numbers, and the new address of course. She was looking for some cross country moving companies at her phone directory when she taught of me , that's why she called. I wish i can stay longer on the phone with her because I miss our long chats , but since I am not feeling well, i promised I will just call her as soon as i feel better . I know she is all busy with all the packing (and unpacking soon) , so i dont want to take her time too. I cant wait to see their new place next month !

Sunday Stealing - The Double Stealing Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Double Stealing Meme

1. If you could turn back the hands of time to correct one wrongdoing, what event would you choose and why? - maybe the time when i easily gave up on work. I should have been more patient with it.

2. Are you one for tradition? If so, what traditions do you strongly believe in? If not, what makes tradition hypocritical? - Yes I am into traditions. We have a lot in our country (and in our family too).

3. You were taking part in an event and you had to crossplay, who would you crossplay as and why? - i have no idea. sorry but im not feeling well now, i cant really think.

4. If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend your last day? Would you be tempted to live fatally if you knew you were to die the next day, and if so, what extreme measures would you take? - i just want to spend the day with my family.

5. What are your top five sinful materialistic items, ones you'd expect from others including those closest to you? Why are each in the position they are in? - i'll get back on this one. I have to ponder over it haha

6. I am... sick since last night :(

7. I feel... sleepy

8. I see... a good amount of money for me next month

9. I need... to take a break

10. I love... my new fitflops!

11. I wish... i'll get better by tomorrow

12. I think... i am too stressed lately.

13. I hear... my boy singing some songs from Mickey mouse clubhouse

14. I crave... for Le Magnifique crepe from Cafe Breton

15. I fear... death.

16. I hope… to get more tasks online.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Marc Jacobs

I was searching for some items on wholesale online because I plan to sell them, especially kids clothes , and look what I found ! Its not on wholesale, but it is on sale at Nordstrom . Would you believe that the regular price for this is $165 , and now it is marked down to $57.45 ! Whoah ! That is a big slash already , but i dont have the money for now to spend on this beautiful dress. I find it perfect for her birthday , but i guess i have to wait for another sale , and by that time maybe i have money to spend for her clothes. For the meantime, I need to go back with searching for wholesale clothes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its for free

Don't you just love it if you found something for free? I recently found out about this royalty free music online . Its a site for an online collection of quality music for the indie creative community. I chanced upon this site when i was looking for Stock Music that I'll be needing for some of my work. They have good sound quality, and it comes in several formats like wav and mp3. The next time you'll need royalty free music, you know where to go , and i am pretty sure you will enjoy downloading from their collection.

Litratong Pinoy - Basa (wet)

Isang napaka simple ngunit espesyal na larawan dahil kuha ito ng aking anak noong Araw ng mga Ama. Narito ang basang baso

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat !


1. Are you angry?
:: nope

2. What is your Age?
:: 30

4. Do you live in a Big house?
:: not really. just right for my small family.

5. When is your Birthday?
:: May 10

6. What's your favorite Chocolate/s?
:: Twix , Kitkat etc..

7. Do you Daydream?
:: yeah, sometimes.

8. What's your favorite kind of Dog?
:: i dont know, sorry but im not into dogs . Our neighbor has Great Dane though, i think its cool

9. What Day of the week is it?
:: Thursday

10. Have you ever been in the Emergency room?
:: a few times already

11. Did you have a crush that starts w/ letter E?
:: i have a crush on Elijah Wood when i was young.

worth it

Now that our monthly amortization for the car is done, i am thinking on where to invest some of our money. I am afraid that i will just spend it with nonsense stuff, so i must really come up with a concrete plan of not just putting it at the bank. I have the option of getting a few stocks , but since i'm not that familiar with stock options, i might try out investing with gold or silver. I plan to call the customer service of Monex so i can inquire with the silver price . I actually got this idea from a friend who already got a few pieces of gold. She said that it's worth investing with this since the value is really going up. Silver is one metal that is on high demand now because of it's properties so that would be a great investment too.

$5 deals at Old Navy

These are perfect for our beach getaway next month. And what makes it the best, its just $4.99 each!

Old Navy just finished their Great Summer Sale, but still, they have great items marked down and I can't resist to shop for the kids , and even for me. I love their clothes, its good for those trip to the malls, playtime etc. Most of all, it's priced just right :) I better check out what they have for boys , a little shopping wont hurt.

my soul is ..

Your Soul is Welcoming

You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget.

You are not a very grounded person. You prefer dreams to reality. For you, it's all about possibilities.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is calm, relaxing, and pretty much what you want. And it's something you've been anticipating for a while now.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

Need a break ?

Then why not try a romantic vacation riviera maya ? I was looking for some family destinations in this region when i chanced upon the Karisma hotels at Riviera Maya. There's different type of resorts that offers personalized services suited for ones needs. Aside from the family resorts, they have beaches that is so ideal for honeymooners or those who are into a romantic getaway. I actually recommended this to a friend of mine who will get married soon. This reminds me of my own dream of spending a few nights in a luxury resort , and waking up every morning with the view of the beachfront. Sun, sea and sand are the 3 things that i also look forward to in this type of vacation. Maybe soon , me and my husband can enjoy a romantic getaway too.

Kids closets- organizing

This is a really nice article that I came across lately. I am having problems organizing the clothes of the kids, this is a great help. Thanks to the site of Martha Stewart!

Read on!

Hanging Stuff
First, employ a two-rod system. The lower rod allows small arms to reach shirts or jackets; the upper one holds next season's clothes. Since kids have very little to hang up, the closet requires short rods only. To hang lower rod, cut two pieces of strap webbing (each twice the length plus overlap). Wrap both straps over top rod, overlap ends on the bottom, and staple-gun through all the layers.

To achieve an extra-neat appearance, use a single style of hanger (we chose inexpensive plastic) in just one or two colors.

Shelf Storage
Bookshelves provide at-a-glance storage for pants, sweaters, and T-shirts. Stack sweaters, pants, and T-shirts on their own shelves so your child can find what he's looking for without rifling through every piece of clothing in a drawer. Use the bottom cubby to keep the backpack out from underfoot.

Peg Board
And what to do with belts and skateboarding helmets? Use a peg board to hang them neatly on the wall, where they'll be in clear sight. With a variety of hooks and a few well-chosen containers, you can help things find their way back home, ready to go for the next day.

Paint peg board a bright color to add a splash of energy to the inside of the closet. Affix it to the back wall of the closet with mounting hardware, and use simple hooks to dangle all manner of paraphernalia. Set the bookshelves in front of it and anchor to the wall.

A two-drawer cube provides ample storage for socks and undies. Plus kids can reach high-up things all by themselves.

A useful and lightweight plastic mirror can be cut to any size; ours covers the side of the book-shelves above the cube. Attach easily and securely with heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape.

Sock Drawer
In the brightly painted drawer interior, baskets intended for kitchen cutlery keep socks in tidy rows. A small jar made for peg boards corrals ponytail bands. A ribbon with a loop for hanging displays hair clips so they're ready at a moment's notice.

Tomorrow's Outfit
Install a hook on the inside of the closet door and reserve it for one thing only: the next day's clothes. Your child can pick them out before bed each night.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lovely !

So this is one of the gifts that i got from my mom and dad when i turned a year older last May. I remember my mom asking me if i will like this heart pendant jewelry , and of course i said YES ! Im not really into jewelries, but now that i have a baby girl, i know that someone would use it in the future so there's a lot more reason to buy :) Anyway, here's the pic.. it doesn't give justice at all but it's really fab.

More than what i expected, it comes with a really nice chain . And its good to wear even if you are wearing nice fitting tees , it boosts up your look without being too flashy with accessories. Thanks mom and dad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

supplies for diabetes

Last week , my mom told me that her sugar level is currently being monitored because her last exam results were a bit high than the normal range. She is also into some meds already and hopefully it will help her sugar to normalize in no time. Hopefully it will not lead into a full case of diabetes , because i know how hard it can be on one's diet. My mother in law has diabetes and until now she has medications and a strict diet to ensure that her sugar wont shoot up anytime. I even got her some insulin syringe last year for her daily shots of insulin. I think with proper diet , they will really be in good shape even they have diabetes. Im really hoping for the best for my mom's health. Its so hard to be sick nowadays.

almost 8

Here's my princess , a week before she turned 8 months old. This was during our family weekend at Bellevue. I really thought we will have a hard time since she's a bit young and we have to bring a lot fo stuff for her at the hotel. To my surprise, we really had a great time there. She enjoys the water at the pool even if its a bit cold. I can't wait to have another weekend break again. Its good to have it once in a while .


1. What was the last thing you purchased from a vending machine?
I can’t remember the very last time. But i remember buying coffee once.
2. What was the last thing you made copies of on a photocopier?
Dominique’s birth certificate
3. When did you last use a pay telephone?
A looong time ago.
4. How often do you visit an automatic teller machine?
I don’t have an ATM since im a bummer. Though my husband sometimes asks me to withdraw from his account.
5. Which of your daily tasks would you most like to see automated?
Feeding my newborn.

sister and her online degree

Tomorrow will be my sister's first day in school , an online university i should say. She finally braved her schedule at work and enrolled herself to get an online degree . She really has a lot of plans for herself this year , and i never knew that she was really serious with it. Now i feel happy with all her decisions, I'm sure, she will really go places in no time. I wonder when i can enroll myself too. I've been thinking of this one for months now and i even told my husband about this . I am also encouraging him to enroll himself. Maybe, give us a few months, when my princess is a bit bigger and we have more time here at home.

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Random Q's

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?

:: SLEEP !!!

What are you listening to?

:: Just the sound of the a/c

Last thing you ate?
:: mc chicken and twister fries

What were you doing at midnight last night?
:: blogging , chatting with a friend from US

Are you satisfied with how things are going?
:: yes i am . im enjoying my life now with my family

Who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?
:: my cousin, Dorxie

coffee girl

You Are a Cappuccino

You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.

However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.

You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.

You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please