Saturday, June 27, 2009

Xbox for dad

Last week , we went to two malls looking for a great deal on XBox , but still we find it pricey with the amount i saw online. This is what the dad likes for now, he is really into game consoles so i am not suprised to know that he will be getting an xbox. Since it would cost us a few more here, we will just get it online and have it shipped at my moms place. She will soon be going home and my husband is willing to wait for a while. His next projest now is to buy some games for it. NBA would definitely be there as this is his and my son's favorite game.

Saturday 9 - I want you back

Saturday 9: I Want You Back

1. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died? - just at home, saw it Yahoo News

2. How do you think that he will be remembered? - as a great, remarkable artist

3. What was your favorite Jackson tune? - Billy Jean !

4. Did you watch the original Charlie’s Angels? - yes

5. Did someone you know have that poster of Farrah? - nope

6. Did you consider her battle with cancer heroic? - i can say yes . cancer is tough

7. Were you a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Johnnie Carson? - nope.

8. Did you like Ed McMahon on the show? - sorry but i dont watch the show coz we dont have it here

9. What else will you remember McMahon for? -

Working on a saturday night


This happens when im in great need of money, there's no room to be lazy. This is actually a long day for me already , but i have to work hard for something that I want to have soon. That I have to keep a secret for now.

Anyway, my princess is 8 months old today. We went to the mall for dinner then we checked a few of our fave stores. My husband is looking for an unlocked phone at the electronics shop as i browsed through some cameras. He plans of getting a personal phone because his current phone is for business use.

Tomorrow we will hit another mall, hopefully i can grab some clothes for my princess. Happy Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She loves the water

Enjoying an afternoon dip at the swimming pool of Bellevue Hotel with his dad. The water was cold according to Gelo , so i didnt let his Kuya swim (and he doesnt want to. he's contented with the bath tub in our room ) .. it was a short stint for the girl because of the wind , look at her hair !
So this is really for picture taking purposes. Her back is not even wet , pero naka sunblock yan all over , baka lalo umitim eh hahaha!

I wasn't able to take a pic of her in that swimsuit. Lagot ako sa nanay ko !!! LOL

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Alive .

I am back to my online world.

I did not neglected my blogs, a lot of things happened last week and i really dont know where to start. First things first. I will just squeeze a few updates because I need to research more on Blue Advantage , a health plan for the residents of North Carolina. My cousin needs it for her thesis and I am helping her out.

Anyway, just to give you an idea, the highlight of our weekend was our 4th wedding anniversary. We stayed in a hotel down South with the kids , so i was out of the online world since Friday. I have tons of pictures to upload, but that needs to wait as i have a lot of assignments to submit.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 on Tuesday - 10 things you'd bring on a deserted island

My 10 .. i will try to keep this simple:)

1. clothes - lots of it !
2. food - canned goods , chips
3. solar lamp
4. my p&s camera and lots of extra batteries
5. pen and paper - i wanna keep a journal while im stuck
6. rosary
7 . books and magazines
8. my make up kit
9. tent
10. pillow and blanket

Join here .

Monday, June 15, 2009

Debt Consolidator

I know a friend who is having difficulties with her finances and sad to say, a number of credit card companies are calling her to settle her payments. Not only that, aside from credit card, I think she still has a loan somewhere. She used to have a good credit standing , but with the recession that happened in their work, she was booted out and has no work until now. I asked her to go for a bill consolidation so she can finish all her debts. I gave her the number 877-550-0595 to call for debt help. If only i have the money to help her settle, but its way too big and i have my own finances too for my family.

She told me that she already inquired for bill consolidation loans over the phone and a very friendly representative attended to her. She is so grateful that her worry would soon end. I feel happy that she somehow has this peace of mind. I hope that she will get this job that she applied for so she really start a new life. She promised that she will really start with managing debts because she doesnt want this to happen again. She learned her lesson the hard way. But i am happy now that things are falling in its proper place.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need to lose weight!!!

That's what I always tell myself, and yet I ate all of these the last time we had dinner at The Old Spaghetti House then desserts at Cafe Breton ! No wonder i still dont have my pre - pregnancy weight. Grrr ! Maybe I should try some fat burners that i saw at an online drugstore , and hopefully it will give me good results. I wanna start losing some weight now because i wanna look good at my lil girl's birthday party. I am pretty sure we will have lots and lots of pics and i dont wanna see myself looking fat. No way!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Litratong Pinoy - Pangarap Ko

Ito ay simpleng larawan lamang , ngunit punong puno ng kahulugan para sa akin. Ito ay kuha noong Abril 15, 2007 , unang taon na kaarawan ng aking anak. Ito ang huling pagkakataon na magkakasama kami ng aking pamilya, at ngayon, matapos ang 2 taon ay magkikita kami muli sa Oktubre para sa kaarawan ng isa ko pang anak.

Simple lang ang pangarap ko - ang sana'y makasama sila sa araw araw.

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Her faves

I can tell as early as now that my princess will need the most effective diet pills when she grows up, hahaha! So far, i never had a hard time feeding her and i do hope it won't change til her toddler years. I guess most moms can say that feeding a toddler is somehow challenging because they tend to be picky, or sometimes they just dont have the appetite to eat.

Anyway, here are her 2 faves from Earth's Best:

A little info about the products:

For Ages 4 Months & Up. Six 2.5 oz single ingredient jars, that are finely puréed and specially designed for a baby starting to eat solid foods.

* No Genetically Engineered Ingredients
* Organic
* No Artificial Colors
* No Artificial Flavors
* No Preservatives
* No Added Salt or Sugar
* Vegan
* Wheat Free
* Kosher
* Organically grown, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Tomorrow , i will boil potatoes for her , then maybe carrots the next day. I hope she will gain just enough on her next check up. She is so active , hopefully that would be a help of some sort for her weight issues.

Friday, June 5, 2009

lets go clubbin' !!!!

Because me and my online friends had a great time talking about "clubbing" the other night.. i took this picture of my princess in her latest outfit from Tarte Tatin.. The moment this girl learns how to wallk..Pwede na gumimik !!!

Note to Dominique:

Mommy gives her consent .. BUT you have to ask daddy first! Bwahahaha ( beware: i doubt if he will allow you even at the age of 18. He actually doesn't like this outfit . Yes, daddy is strict when it comes to clothes, but dont worry sweetie, mommy is here to rescue you! hahaha)