Friday, April 25, 2008

My friends job

My friend is currently living at Atlanta, we always chat everyday so that we'll be updated with each other lives. During one of our chats, she describes her routine over there. Since she is working with one of the best Atlanta Dentists she needs to be on time always because she was her personal secretary. She also schedules the appointment of her boss, and sometimes she need to rent a limo thus she need to contact Atlanta Limos, also her boss's Atlanta home security systems must be checked also.

At the end of the day, she is very tired but happy since her boss appreciate what she does everyday.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Introducing...Lightning Joaquin

He is my Lightning Mcqueen...actually Lightning Joaquin.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yummy Food!

My hubby and I are food enthusiast. We are willing to go to every restaurant and try their best in house recipes. I for example make it a point to check some cook books so that i can create this at our own kitchen. Then during one of our trips to our favorite restaurant i ordered some spaghetti pesto and it was so yummy. I said to myself that i will definitely re-create this at home, so i called up my friend and asked her if she has some cookbook that i can follow to recreate this delicious pasta. She just advised me to check out this site I was amazed because it offers various recipes from appetizers to pastas's and it also has recipes for vegetarians. I personally checked the pasta since i need to re-create this "Spaghetti Pesto" here in our own kitchen. I checked out the pasta recipes and unfortunately i was not able to find what i'm looking for. But, on the last part of the page there is an option if you did'nt find the recipe you can post a request for the recipe. Thus, i did post a request and then i was able to get the recipe and recreate it on our own kitchen. I must say it was a success!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RL POLO addict

My appreciation for the RL brand starts to re-surface again…thanks to my wife for her seemingly endless online shopping escapade. When she asked me to check the RL site, I can’t help but ask her to buy me the above polo shirts.

In exchange of these, I have to help her on some of her assignments. That’s why I’m starting early so that she can buy me these RL stuff.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Live TV

My friend asked me to check his live show at a live tv at the net. While checking out the show, i was able to check on the whole site, it offers various variety from music, entertainment news and a whole lot more. I become more hooked up, so now i am planning to create a live video show then chat with an audience...and my friends this is live broadcast.

Thank you to my friend for introducing me to this site.

Im good

You Are 64% Good

You are a good person. You do the best you can to be ethical, fair, and moral.

And as you know, being a good person means making hard decisions... and following them through.

If you're confronted with an ethical dilemma, you will usually do the right thing.

Of course you do slip up. No one's perfect. But you do your best to correct your missteps.

You are also probably: incredibly honest, especially with yourself

Right now you are on track to being: A respected leader

To be a better person: Be kind to someone who is not very kind to you

My rockstar name

Your Rockstar Name Is...

Ludwig Leather