Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potty Training Chronicles.. part 1

Goodbye Diaper!!

That's Joaqui's line yesterday afternoon. I noticed lately, I'm having a hard time putting on his diaper. Imagine a 7 mos preggy mom , battling with a kicking toddler in bed for diaper, LOL.

Tuesday afternoon, here's how it went..

Mommy : Let's go down. I need to change your diaper. It's full and heavy. ( i was touching it so he will know the feeling)

Joaqui : NO! Don't like!" ( he continued to play)

Mommy: Ahhhh.. common! Lets go down now!

Joaqui : Dont like diaper mommy. (with his paawa face)

So.. I get the picture now. Bakit ba ako mapilit? Eh ayaw nga nya..

Mommy: How about brief?

Joaqui : Dont like brief. Shorts only.

Mommy : Okay. Shorts. No more diapers for Joaqui??

Joaqui : Yes. Goodbye Diaper.

Mommy : Tell mommy if wee wee , okay? We will go to the.... ( I pause for a while, I typed something at the laptop)

Joaqui : Ahhhhhhh.. CR ???

Mommy : Yes CR.

I laughed really hard. Maybe he was waiting for me to say CR already, I got focused with what im typing , Ialmost forgot to say CR ... He said it to me in a really funny way.. like an adult asking :)

So yesterday was Day 1. He was diaper free from 5pm until 830pm. Though he still doesn't wanna sit on his potty (he prefers to stand, as taught by the dad again) , he tells me "wee wee mommy.. or mommy wet" already. But blame the slow preggy mom, di kami umaabot sa CR hahaha.

Today, Wednesday , our Day 2. No diaper in the morning til his bath time at 1pm. I ask him from time to time if he likes to go to the CR or he wants to pee, but he will say NO. I noticed he feels uneasy when he's about to pee. He walks fast.. a fast robot :) Im taking it as a signal. After bath, I placed a diaper again for naptime. I had it removed when he woke up. We were at the playroom when I saw the fast robot signal , so I told him, lets go to the CR. Waahh! we were so close to the potty trainer.. sayang! Di umabot. So imagine, ang linya ng wee wee sa floor, bwahahaa! I will try my best to move a little faster tomorrow!

But still, I always give him a high five kahit ma wee wee pa sya sa floor. I appreciate him not wanting to have diapers anymore, and telling me if he's about to pee. One step at a time. We are getting there.

To all the mommies who gave me inputs on this ( you know who you are) .. thanks a lot!! It is so true, everything will be easier once your kid is ready.. and readiness can only come from them :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Baby !

We were still at Dampa last Sunday when I asked Gelo if we can do a little shopping at BelAir Makati. I am dying to visit Hello Baby inside Belair for weeks now. He said NO at first, but when we were at the World Trade Center already, I begged him to turn right since that's Buendia already.. pathetic me! LOL!

In no time, we were parked in front of #48 Zodiac St . Joaqui was asleep so he stayed inside the car with our helper.

It was heaven for me! Im the only one shopping that time in the small room.. I grabbed and grabbed everything I can. Some items are placed on top of a cabinet so I asked Gelo to get it for me. ..Kuha mo ko nun.. yung pink! yung yellow din.. pati yung lilac !

here.. take a look at my grabs

** 5 receiving blankets **

** 4 pajama sets for newborn **

** burp pads, bibs, mittens and booties **

I wasn't able to ask for the price per item. I think the Pj's at Php 140 each , receiving blankets at Php 120 ? Manang gave me a discount, and I only paid Php 1,300 for all of these, plus one hooded towel for Joaqui. Not bad!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Litratong Pinoy - MITHI

Ang aking anak na nagmimithing maging isang magaling na nagtatambol sa mura nyang edad. Nawa'y makamit nya ang kanyang minimithi.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am still down with colds, and its getting terrible. I am just taking hot calamansi juice since last night for my clogged nose, Hahaha! Bad trip na kapitbahay kasi to. Burned tree branches and leaves , kaya ito allergic rhinitis na naman ako. Joaqui still has colds too, but manageable. Thank God , no wheezing or anything. Food and milk intake was not affected too.

Its my check up on Saturday, I wonder how much I weigh now.. hmmm .. I was 116 lbs last month. Any guess?

OMG ! 7 months na ko !!! Ambilis!


Im still BAD when it comes to shopping. Yeah, i earned a good amount last month, and since I cant find Hard to resist sale online , and my family bought a lot of stuff already , I have decided to withdraw my earnings with the help of Abie, Thanks Mare!

We ate a lot during the long weekend .. A LOT of junk i should say.. and that includes Ice cream and sweets!

I bought 2 books for Joaqui , and 2 leggings in red and pink for babydoll.. Its too small, i think she can wear it at 2 weeks hahaha! Crazy me! Bakit ko ba binili yun? Sabi nga ni Gelo, naloko na naman ako ng store. But to defend my purchase ( talagang may ganung factor pa) , i really want my lil girl to wear leggings , the younger she is , the better :) I love leggings too! I think that's my secret for looking slim ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Princess to Princess

Ricca, my youngest sister , is the princess of our family since 1982 :) Hahaha.. but now, with the coming of our babydoll in months, she's leaving her throne.. her days are already numbered. And what's the best way to do that? SHOP of course ! She bought these 2 weeks ago.. sana may kasunod pa to hahaha.

Told you, swerte ko talaga.. ang gagawin ko na lang iiri :)

A few of her grabs.. (pics courtesy of Ricca)

** RL dresses for $10**

** 2 CK rompers and bib**

** and "her personal fave" striped dress , folded ankle socks **

Thanks Ricca :) Wala bang for Joaqui jan? Hahaha! Masyado na ba akong mapag samantala?? LOL! ..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

wala lang.

Hindi ba kayo nagtataka at wala akong shopping items lately na naka post dito???

Isa lang ibig sabihin nun , UBOS na ang pera ko! Bwahahaha! May hangganan pala ang lahat ng ito!

May hangganan ang pamimili ko for them , namili muna ko ng para sa sarili ko ! Ang hirap, wala na ko masuot eh:) I had some of my earnings wired to me , bumili ako ng Melissa at leggings sa Zara last Saturday.. i feel so happy, I dont have to ask Gelo for my shopping money this time. I stopped myself from buying at Zara kids. Utang na loob Peachy! Ibili mo muna ng cabinet ang babydoll mo.LOL!

I love the leggings, and I should have followed my MIL's suggestion then , dalawa na sana binili ko . Pero syempre, I wanna try first if it's comfy to wear. Now that I proved it, i wanna get one in different color. And the Melissa's ? Hay :) Heaven ako .. *wink wink*

Next week na ko buy ulit for the kids, wala pa masyado sale eh. And secret lang , napagalitan na ko ng daddy ko kasi kakabili :) Madami na daw clothes and shoes.. so ibahin ko naman style ko .. ito gusto ko bilin para wala sya masabi.. wala pa ko ganito..

** Fisher Price Rainforest Bath and Changing Caddy **

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preggy Talk

Thanks kathy :)



Moms Who Played Along: Mai | Yen | Kathycot |Peachy |You

Preggy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
:: The husband. Then for this 2nd baby, with Kuya Joaqui, since both of them are patiently waiting for me outside the bathroom :)

2. Maximum weight?
:: from 107 to 135 lbs with Joaquin. Now, I am 116 lbs at 6 months .

3. Cravings?
:: With Joaqui - Cheeseburger Meal at Mcdo. Asado Siopao at Chowking . Bangkok Tamarind.

:: With Babydoll - California Maki , Quickly Taro Ice with Choco Pudding , Watermelon Shake, Cream - O, Donuts.. and the list goes on. Pwede bang isama sa cravings si Gabby Concepcion? LOL

4. Aversions?
:: cant remember any. And so far, none pa din naman with the 2nd pregnancy..

5. Morning Sickness?
:: With Joaqui - It was the worst experience. I was admitted at the hospital because im nearing dehydration from too much vomiting (4 x a day, minimum) . All day sickness is the better term.

:: With Babydoll : Lesser vomiting , but terrible headache and dizziness!! But still, i had a hard time.

D Day Facts:

1. Number of Kids/Deliveries?
:: 1 .. soon to be 2

2. NSD or CS?
:: Normal with Epidural ..

3. Girl or Boy?
:: Naka jackpot na ko !

4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?
:: 37 weeks and 3 days during my 1st. Excited lumabas :)

5. How long in labor?
:: I was at the labor room around 12 noon, chika pa ko sa monitoring nurse. but i started to feel pain at 3:15 pm na.. then gave birth at 5:22 pm.. 2 push lang, labas agad si Joaqui ! Sana, same thing goes for the 2nd baby.


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

hyperthyroidism and pregnancy

I just ha a blood test (FT4 and TSH ) last Friday night at UST for my hyperthyroidism . Yes, I'm hyperthyroid and I found out everything about this when I was pregnant with Joaqui. Sad to say, I was given some medications then ( PTU ,that i have to take everyday). I am so not into taking meds while pregnant, but when i had a consultation with an endocrinologist, everything was explained to me clearly , and the meds given to me is considered safe for preggos.

I was really praying hard then for Joaqui's safety too. We all know about Hypothyroidism in babies, and that really alarmed me too much. Joaqui's newborn screening results were all OK, but to be on the safer side, my endo requested for some blood tests for Joaqui when he was 2 months old. Still, everything was on the normal range, but for monitoring purposes, we consulted a pedia- endocrinologist. He was monitored every 2-3 months then. Now, every 6 months na lang. Aside from the blood tests, pedia asked us on developments, like if he can sit unassisted, stand, talk, move around the crib, teeth eruption, constipation and a lot more. Joaqui was able to do everything and that gives me assurance that he's not delayed with his developments even before he turned 1.

I am so thankful to my OB for noticing my neck gets bigger daw kasi when I swallow. Hahaha. Thats one thing she noticed when im talking to her. There are no painful symptoms actually, so I never thought that there was something wrong with it already. The blood tests confirmed everything.

One of the treatments for hyperthyroidism is thru radiation, one thing I wasnt able to do after giving birth to Joaqui since you can't be in close contact to a baby / child after a radiation procedure. I think 24 hours after the operation (im not sure on this ) , i need to be really away from Joaqui. Something that's impossible for me to do , thus i keep on postponing the radiation procedure.

And now I am pregnant once again. And this is really unplanned :)

So I have a feeling that my hyperthyroidism is active once again. And everything will just repeat itself - just like my first pregnancy. But still, im just hoping and praying for the best. Im not actually researching about it online, it gets me paranoid. I trust my OB and my Endocrinologist on this matter, so I always ask them questions directly..

.. and most of all, i lift everything to GOD.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mommy and Daddy 's shopping episode #1

Mommy and Daddy in this post refers to my mom and dad , who both went crazy shopping a week after they found out that we are having a girl :) Pics courtesy of my mom :)

Lucky kid . Lucky ME! LOL!

** tie side snap-ons, onesies ( from 0 -3 , 3-6 and 6-9 months ) , receiving blankets, burp pads, towels, socks, bottles, wash cloths, and parang may baby book pa dun sa likod ..:) O diba, effort si mommy, maya naka tape pa sa wall ! **

** baby bottles in 5 oz and 9 oz sizes.. with bottle crushes too ! , feeding set and extra teats **

** the ones i bought at RL (black bag not included ) , o diba.. nice ng complimentary boxes nila.

** pwede ba namang walang shoes? Look at the black flats, uber big pa yan for sure! pang 1st bday na yata hahaha! And my silver glads from mom too :) **

** she bought some wendy bellissimo safari collection items too , and a few dresses **

My sister , Ricca, bought a few items too last weekend, and im still waiting for her pics. She told me over Ym " Ate, tinatalo na ko ni mommy sa shopping ah ! Kaya ito, nag shopping ako kanina ! "

Aba! At may competition pala silang dalawa ha ?! Gusto ko yan!!! Nakikinabang ako at ang mga anak ko .. LOL !!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Snack Time with Joaqui !

Thanks Aggie :)


I want all mommies to share their kid’s favorite snacks.
When you are done with the tag link me up here so I can add your blog(s) to the master list.

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(Credits: Doodled snacks by Kate Hadfield)

Joaqui's Favorite Snacks

1. French Fries - I usually buy at SM Supermarket and cook it for the little boy.

2. Koko Krunch - without fresh milk. This serves as his "chips" while watching tv

3. Moo or Sunkist Juice (apple and orange )

4. Fita , Cream - O Choco biscuit and Ritz ( i share with his Cream - o and Ritz )

5. Keebler Soft Batch Cookies

6. Hotdogs

7. Quickly Taro Ice when at the mall (blame it on me!)

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For your tots

I recently got these for Joaqui at Amazon last month. The Learning Resources Alphabet (uppercase and lowercase ) and Number Tracing Stamps.

I saw something similar at the Little Gym before, so I decided to check it out online. I find it a great tool for moms who wants to introduce their tots to tracing , alphabet and numbers. Not time consuming too, as you just have to stamp it on their papers. They can start by writing their name :) Cute! Or you can even send greeting cards to relatives (esp. lolos and lolas) with a simple I love you message traced by your kiddos.

I can't wait to have the items anytime this month, since Joaqui is really enjoying his "pre-school kuno" class here at home. LOL.

** Joy's post reminded me of this really nice product. Thanks Joy !

Monday, August 4, 2008

Babydoll's 1st loot.

Okay! Shopping blog na ito!!! Malapit ko na palitan title.. promise! Thanks to Aggie for the idea :)

And grabe, makapag Tagalog nga, pagod na ko sa mga entries na nakaka nose bleed!!! Bwahahaha!

Eto.. bigay ni Ricca sa baby nung umuwi sya (May 3) .. First ever items ni baby na mala tuldok pa lang nun sa katawan ko :)

Safe ang colors ng onesies, white and cream , size 3 - 6 months. Aliw ang mga CK kasi mura lang nya nahahalungkat sa mga sale. Basta sale items , panalo talaga !

Baby Sac Bag Set in choco brown. May large bag, medium bag and Diaper changer na pwede i hook sa stroller if you don't want to bring a bag:) Cute and very spacious inside.

Thanks Ricca :) Ninang ka ulit nito hahaha!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pre-Schooler daw!

He is still in love with the Goodnight Moon. He can actually "read" with the pictures shown at every page. We sometimes have some "fill - in- the - blanks" exercises when reading , I am am so delighted that he knows everything about the book already.

He loves to do some coloring too. But if he's inside the playroom, he would still prefer to play basketball above anything else :)

Perfect Blend of Friendship

Thanks to Yen for this award:)

Passing this to all mommy bloggers ! Thanks for the wonderful friendship!