Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beauty and more

I love make ups and I just can't live without them. I am fortunate that my friends are so much inot it too so we shop together online especially if there's sale. I always try experimenting with my make up , from simple casual to something a little dramatic if there's an occasion. With this, my friend suggested that I take up cosmetology to further enjoy what I like to do best. Iam seriously thinking about it too, but I have to consider my schedule here at home. Having two kids really eats up my time so I am not sure if i can still squeeze up that class. But I feel excited just by thinking of it. I searched online and saw something like the beauty school indianapolis from Regency Schools. Its a fst growing beauty school that expanded its campus all over nine states. I am keeping this in my shortlist by the time I am free to enroll in Cosmetology.